The TELLABRATION!™ Guidebook and the TELLABRATION!™ Promo Kit have been designed to guide TELLABRATION!™ producers through each step of producing and promoting their TELLABRATION!™ event. These materials offer assistance to both the new and the novice producer. The NSN Board is working a newly revised version of the Guidebook and Promo Kit.



The TELLABRATION!™ Guidebook has proven to be a "must have" for first time producers, in addition to being an "old standby" for the experienced producer. The Guidebook is a step-by-step guide offering tips ranging from developing a production staff to advertising your event. You will also find valuable information on selecting your site location and promoting ticket sales. The contents of the Guidebook will definitely take the guesswork out of being a producer.


Promo Kit

The TELLABRATION!™ Promo Kit is packed with all the materials you will need to promote your TELLABRATION!™ event. Because the contents of the Promo Kit are dated, you will need to acquire a new Promo Kit each year. This kit consists of TELLABRATION!™ logo letterhead, tickets, invitations, and pre-printed programs just to name a few items. You will also find samples of various letters including press releases. You will definitely want to use the flyers for distribution in your community. The Promo Kit is absolutely a lifesaver for promoting your TELLABRATION!™ event.