So You Want to Start Your Own TELLABRATION!™ What Do You Do?


An "F.A.Q." for potential TELLABRATION!™ Producers


May I produce a TELLABRATION!™?

Sure, you can. All kinds of people and organizations produce the event -- librarians, teachers, church folks, clubs and guilds, as well as individuals! So can you!


What do I need to do in order to produce a TELLABRATION!™?

  • Download your copy of the Guidebook and Promo Kit

  • Choose a site

  • Recruit a co-producer and staff workers

  • Decide who will be your target audience

  • Choose and invite your tellers

  • List your TELLABRATION!™ on the NSN website: click here.  Events will be posted on the calendar within a couple of days.  


I'm interested. . . so how do I get started?

Ideas for possible sites:

  • Church halls
  • Libraries
  • Small theatres
  • Community halls
  • Bookstores
  • Your own home


Places to find tellers and production staff:

  • Find your local story sharing group or Guild--check NSN's national directory of tellers and storytelling organizations
  • Ask at your local library, arts organizations, theatre creative!


Look at the material here in the Producers' section of the TELLABRATION!™ website


Contact NSN for the Guidebook, which has more detailed information on such topics as:

  • Securing a performance space, and all the details involved in turning it into a storytelling venue
  • Filling your house and other uses of publicity
  • Developing a staff and all the jobs they will be needed to do
  • Crafting your evening--seeking a balance of stories, styles, and moods


NSN also publishes a Promo Kit with materials such as templates for:

  • Tickets
  • Program pages
  • Bookmarks and Postcards
  • Fliers


Can I be flexible in my event?

Yes! Although TELLABRATION!™ was intended originally for grown up audiences, it has evolved over the years. It is up to local producers to decide what will best suit their communities.


Events in the past have included:

  • All adult tellers for an all-adult audience
  • Emerging tellers performing alongside experienced tellers
  • An afternoon event for children followed by an evening for grown-ups
  • A family event
  • A house concert for a group that chooses an informal evening of storytelling


Do I Need to Sign Up?

Yes! We ask you to list your event on the NSN calendar. By doing so, NSN will be able to advertise your venue both on this web site and on social media. If you supply press information, NSN will also send press release information to two media sources in your area. In return, NSN asks you to do the things listed on the Producer's page.


How do I get the materials?

  • A revised copy of the Guidebook and Promo Kit will be available to download later this summer 2016.